Dienstag, 3. März 2015

Springtime Manicure with Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up & Blazed

Hello Beauties!

Today I want to show you a manicure for spring or summer in yellow and apricot.

This manicure is supposed to go from apricot to yellow in a kind of dotted ombre. Therefore I painted my thumb in apricot, my pinkie in white (to make the yellow stand out more here) and the rest in yellow. I used three layers apricot and yellow and two coats white.
After layering two coats of Wet n Wild - Sunny Side Up over the white, I used my dottingtool to create polkadots with the apricot Wet n Wild - Blazed. On my indexfinger I made very large dots to make the nail appear darker. The dots on my middle and ringfinger are getting smaller and fewer. This way I created an "ombre" effect. Try to make the dots as even as possible.
Sunny Side Up (E405) has quite a good formula and was easy to apply. As you can see, the bottle is tall wich makes the brush pretty long and a bit difficult to handle (for me at least).
Same goes for Blazed (E437F). I only applied it to my thumbs, but that worked well. Dotting was easy, because the polish is thin but not runny.
I liked the glossy look (left), but there was something missing so I applied a matte top coat. In my opinion this made the manicure look even better.

This is a fun and simple manicure. These two colours work wonderful for spring and summer, but you can try this in different colour combinations.

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  1. really nice idea!! I would like to try this in black and white :)

    1. Thank you! I actually was inspired by a black and white picture! So this will definitely look gorgeus, when you try it


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