Mittwoch, 11. März 2015

s-he stylezone - 315 & dotted daisies

Hello everybody and welcome to green week!

From now on until St. Patricks Day you'll only see green manicures on my blog. Also my St. Patricks Day competition is starting today and I'm looking forward to see the entries!

First I want to show you swatches of s-he stylezone - 315. All of their polishes only have numbers, wich I personally find a bit sad, because I tend to buy polishes with cute names! :-)
315 is a fir green shimmery creme polish. The formula is a bit runny, but manageable. I used three very thin layers to reach opacity. 
indoors with a flash
direct sunlight
In direct sunlight the golden shimmer stood out best. A really lovely colour!

On my ringfinger I dotted a few daisies with NYX - White and My Sunshine.

under LED light, no flash
How do you like my little green friend? You're going to see more of him over the next couple of days! :-D
I added some more daisies to the rest of my nails, because I really liked them a lot!
See all these green polishes? A lot to see until St. Patricks Day!
With NYX - Red Noir I filled in the gaps and added white rhinestones to the centers. The red flowers came out a bit too dark for my liking so I added dots of essence - fame fatal on top of the Red Noir.

This is a cute and easy springtime manicure and with the green background perfect for St. Patricks Day! You won't get pinched with those nails! :-D

How do you like todays manicure? Want to join my St. Patricks Day competition? (INFO)

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  1. Love it! Ps. I may not be able to post mine today since I'm working late tonight :( but hopefully 2mrw! x

  2. Really pretty! I like the green you used and your pretty daisies :)


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