Montag, 16. März 2015

s-he stylezone - 310 & essence - party in a bottle

Hello Beauties!

Green week is almost over and I am so happy about the beautiful entries from my lovely guest bloggers for my St. Patricks Day competition! There is still a bit time left for you to enter! (INFO)
Today I want to show you a manicure I'd like to call an ombre glitter gradient:

But first let me show you the pastel green I used as a base for this manicure. This is three coats of s-he stylezone - 310. This polish has a good formula and is quite easy to apply. You only have to give the layers enough time to dry to avoid balding. I was to quick with my second layer and smudged it a little bit, so I had to apply a third layer to cover that up. Otherwise it would have been opaque in two coats.

And the colour is really pretty too. This pastel green has a wonderful shimmer that you can best see in the bottleshot below. The flash brought that out even better than sunlight. At least in the pictures. In nature the shimmer is visible in any lighting.

indoors under LED light
I then used essence - party in a bottle to create my ombre glitter gradient. On my thumb I only used a very thin coat of party in a bottle and added a little more glitter to each following nail. On my pinkie I used two coats plus some additional dabbing to cover the whole nail.
Party in a bottle is a teal glitter polish packed with small and very small hexagonal sparkling pieces of glitter. It has a very high glitter density.

I really am quite happy with how this turned out. I don't know how to describe this manicure other than an ombre glitter gradient. Is there another name for this kind of manicure? Let me know! :-D

How do you like thisone? Have you enjoyed my green week so far? Still one more day to go!

Please check out all the lovely manicures posted by my guest bloggers and vote for your favourite one on google+!

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