Freitag, 6. März 2015

A Week of Green Nails - Competition & Giveaway

Hello everybody!

I am looking for guest bloggers to have a little St. Patricks Day competition!

My idea is to have a "green week" on the blog the week before St. Patricks Day where I will post green nails every day. I would love for my fellow bloggers to do their favourite green manicure and post it on my blog. I will promote it on social media and the entry with the most google+ +1's will win the competition.

I have not yet decided on what prize the winner will receive exactly, because I want to see how many competitors there will be first. (I can tell you it will be at least 2 bottles of nailpolish!) 

Update (3.8.): You can win this:

Maybelline - Silver Plum, L'Oreal - resist & shine titanium black & 2 emerald green swarovski bracelets. (Perfect for St. Patricks Day!)

If there are more than 30 competitors, I will also have a 2nd and 3rd price.

The "green week" will take place from March 11 to March 17. Please send me your posts via e-mail (word document or similar) to and I will post them as guest posts to my blog ASAP or send me your e-mail address so that I can invite you to write a guest post on my blog directly!
You can enter anytime until March 16. You will get more likes the sooner you enter though.
Any questions? Let me know!

Update: Green Week has officially started!

Here are the posts my lovely guest bloggers submitted so far:

Mili also did a few more St. Patricks Day manicures:
Mili #2

1st Picture is from google.


  1. that is a great idea! but is a little too soon for me to participate. If you had post it with a little more anticipation maybe... :)

    1. Too bad... 😳
      Just had the idea yesterday when I was lying in bed. 😃
      You can enter anytime between 11th & 17th of March. Maybe you'll find time for a green manicure anyway! 🍀


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