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essence - Cinderella Limited Edition - The Glass Slipper

Hello again everybody!

After posting swatches of the creme polishes from the Cinderella Limited Edition by essence here, I want to show you the last one of this collection. It is The Glass Slipper. A silver glitter topper containing very small and medium seized hexagonal silver glitters in a shimmering jelly base, that shifts from a lavender pink to a golden yellow.
First you can see The Glass Slipper on it's own. In three coats it is almost opaque.

Mainly the polish looks silver, but there is a hint of pink and yellow visible from certain angles. When the sunlight shines on it you can see this better. Unfortunately there was none, when I was taking the pictures.

I then layered it over all the other polishes from this collection. I used one coat of The Glass Slipper for all these combinations. First up is Sing Sweet Nightingale, a velvet matte baby pink.
Here the gold yellow shimmer stands out quite a lot. This combination is not my favourite.

Next it is layered over the second velvet matte polish Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. As I said in the previous post, this polish is actually lilac, but appears to be blueish through my camera.
If you look closely you can see both, the yellow and the pink shimmer depending on the angle. I like this combination a lot.

The combination of The Glass Slipper and Watch Out Lady Tremaine! is also very pretty. 

You can't see much of the shimmer since the gold underneath is already pretty shiny.
Last up is my favourite combination. Prince Charming and The Glass Slipper go so well together.
But I think this is more os a wintertime manicure. It totally reminfs me of snow and ice.

I also took a shot of only one coat of The Glass Slipper on my bare nails just to show you the glitter density better. (excuse my stained nails, please! I was wearing one of these two week gel polishes a while back and it totally discoloured my nails. It has already grown out almost half way. Yay!)
This is one coat of The Glass Slipper on it's own.
In my opinion this glitter topper is very pretty and will go well with any polish. I just didn't like it that much with the velvet matte pink.

How do you like The Glass Slipper? Have you tried one of the polishes from the Cinderella Limited Edition?

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