Donnerstag, 12. März 2015

OPI - Don't Talk Bach To Me

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to show you OPI - Don't Talk Bach To Me and a handpainted colour blocking design, wich went all wrong, but I still want to share it with you for "green week". So far two people have entered my competition and you can see their lovely posts here:
Lacquered Bits

Don't Talk Bach To Me is a yellowish light green creme polish with a soft shimmer to it. It has an excellent formula, that dries quickly and is almost opaque in two coats. You can see that there is still a little bit of VNL, but you'd have to look very closely. So for me two coats were enough.

The colour is perfect for spring, although I think that my skin is a bit too pale and this would look much better with a darker skintone. Don't Talk Bach To Me has a satin matte finish, but also seems quite shiny due to its soft shimmer.
I wanted to try out a few greens for St. Patricksday and did a handpainted colour blocking design. And I failed big time! I hated how this turned out and took it off immediately after taking a few pictures for you to see. All the lines were wiggly and crooked. Not even topcoating it helped here. Next time I have to do this with tape again! :-D
There is just so much to choose from... And that is only part of my green polish collection! :-D
I want to put on Don't Talk Bach To Me again, when I get a little tan or use it for designs, since I think the colour is gorgeous.

How do you like this green? Are you good at drawing straight lines?

There is still time to enter my St. Patricksday Competition to win an awesome price! (INFO)

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