Dienstag, 3. März 2015

essence - Cinderella Limited Edition Nailpolishes

Hello Lovelies!

On Saturday I bought all five polishes from the new essence - Cinderella Limited Edition by Disney. Here are my newbies:
01 - Sing Sweet Nightingale: This baby pink creme polish dries to a velvet matte finish with a bit of a pearly shimmer. I think it is really pretty, but the formula is a little tricky. It is a bit too thick for my taste and therefore goes on streaky on the first two coats. The third coat leveled it all out though.

02 - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo: this is the second velvet matte polish from the Cinderella Limited Edition. In these pictures the polish seems to be blue, but actually it is more of a lilac colour. I don't know why, but my camerea always has this problem with most shades of lilac, purple or violet.
The formula is good and easy to apply. With two coats it is fully opaque. It also has a little bit of a shimmer to it.

03 - Prince Charming: is a light blue metallic creme polish with an excellent formula. There are a few visible brushstrokes, but nothing to worry about. With a generouse layer of topcoat these will level out. With it's pearly silver shimmer the colour looks really charming! ;-D
With two coats it is fully opaque.

04 - Watch Out Lady Tremaine!: Another metallic polish from this Limited Edition. It is a light gold creme polish and fully opaque in two coats. The formula is great and easy to apply. This polish also has a little shimmer to it.

There is still the glitter topper from this collection left, but I will show it to you tomorrow, since this already is quite a picture heavy post.
All in all I like this collection and it's colours a lot. All of them have a lovely shimmer to it that may mark the Disney theme. My only complaint is about the brushes. Usually essence has flat brushes with a rounded tip, at least in it's colour & go line. Here they put in  round brushes. 

How do you like these polishes? Any favourites?

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  1. they are all very pretty! but I think my favourites here are the pink and the light blue!

    1. Thanks again Natalia for your lovely comment! I really like the velvet matte polishes a lot


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