Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

p2 - Lost In Glitter - be devine!

Good morning everyone!

Today I want to show you p2 - Lost In Glitter - be devine! from my recent polish haul in Hamburg.
First I put it as an accent on p2 - Leather Matte - dress code:trendy. This is only one coat and I really liked it instantly.

 I then decided to put it on as a full manicure on top of dress code: trendy. This is two coats of be devine! without any topcoat. Application was easy and for a glitter polish it went on quite smooth.

 Above: outdoors with direct sunlight. Below: indoors with flash or under LED light. 

 To give you a proper look at this polish I wore it on it's own. First I only put on one layer. Here you can see best that be devine has a blue jelly base packed with pink and purple microglitter as well as some medium sized hexes.

 I then put on a second coat to reach opacity. This made a wonderful look. It's almost like a Jelly Sandwich. You can see the blue base and all that sparkling glitter floating around.

 I really like this polish a lot and you can get different looks depending on the base colour you wear. 

How do you like be devine!? Is this a polish you would wear?

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