Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

p2 - Color Victim - that's it!

Hi everybody!

Today I also want to share with you a polish from my recent haul that I posted earlier.
p2 - Color Victim - that's it! is a deep shimmery purple creme polish with a wonderful formula. Application was so easy and the polish went on without any trouble. It required absolutely no cleanup and was fully opaque in two coats. 
 As an accent I used china glaze - Techno on my ringfinger. This was part of a set that I got for Christmas. Techno is a fantastic iridescent glitterpolish. It contains medium hexes and also lots of microglitter.

To show you how sparkly the glitter is I took a blurry shot. It also brings out the shine of that's it! quite good.
I know that these pictures are not perfect. I have been wearing the polish for three whole days when I took them. But I still wanted to show this beautiful colour to you. 

I really was surprised by this polish. I only paid €1,55 for 8ml so I did not expect the best formula. But this polish is just great. It is neither runny nor too thick. It is not streaky and no balding occured. The polish dries pretty quick and the colour is amazing. And even after wearing it for three days there was no chipping. Only some "balding" at the tip of the nail and a slight discolouration where the topcoat did not cover the polish.

How do you like this gorgeous purple?

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