Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

b.pretty - Nail Art Box

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you this Nail Art Box from b.pretty that I recently got while I did some Christmas Shopping.
It contains a nail file, two wooden sticks, three nail glitters and 4 polishes. And I only paid about €4,50.

It would make a great gift! But this one's for myself :-)
The polishes are called Pink, Silver, Pearl and the 4th one is a Top Coat
The glitters don`t have any name or number on them. There is silver, white and pink.
They are all iridesscent.
I put on Pearl on my indexfinger, Silver on my middlefinger and Pink on my ringfinger. They all where opaque in two coats and went on smoothly with hardly any cleanup necessary.
As you would have expected the Pearl had a soft shimmer and a pearl finish. The Silver is metallic. There are some visible brushstrokes, but I think it is still ok. The Pink is also what you'd expect. A bright shiny pink. What I really liked was the finish of this polish. It is not that glossy as your usual polish, but not yet matte. 

I then put on some topcoat at the tips and dipped them into the glitters. 
Index - Middle - Ring: Silver - Pink - White.

 To smooth everything out, I put on a layer of topcoat. The white glitter unfortunatelly lost the contrast to the pink base, but I still like the result. Without the topcoat it looked too much like a hedgehog. There where spikes in all directions. 
I really like this Nail Art Box. You can mix and match anyway you like. And for the price the quality and formula of this polishes is very good!

What do you think of this box? Do you like the colours?

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