Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

claire's - Grey Day

Hi everyone!

Today I want to show you claire's - Grey Day from my Christmas Shopping trip. It is a glitterpolish with a clear base and square, dark-grey glitterparticles in it. It is very easy to apply and the glitter density is good. For all pictures below I only used one coat of Grey Day with some additional dabbing here and there to cover bald spots. I did not use a topcoat.
First I have GD over 2k beauty's - Teal.

 Second is GD over LOOK by BIPA - beige. (I will link back to the swatches once they're up.)
(Update: did that! :-D)

And last but not least is GD over a matte pink polish from claire's you can see here. Of course it is no longer matte after using a topcoat.

I like this glitter topper quite a lot and am glad that I picked it up while I was out shopping for Christmas Presents (see my haul here). It is a unique glitter polish to my collection. I have nothing alse that can be compared to it.
I do think that it looks beautiful on all these colours.

Do you have a favourite combination? How do you like this glitter polish? Do you own any square glitters?

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