Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

LOOK by BIPA special effect - metallic hollogram

Hello everyone!

I will be out of town for a few days to attend a funeral, but I have scheduled posts for the next days and hope you will stop by!
Today I want to show you this LOOK by BIPA special effect nailpolish by the name metallic hollogram. Judging by the name I first thought this would be a holo polish, but it is not.
Metallic hollogram is a golden brown metallic (almost foil) polish with a hint of red, blue and green sparkles in direct sunlight. It is a very sheer polish. I painted one coat on one nail and knew that it would take at least 4 coats to reach opacity. So I decided to take it off and use one coat of LOOK by BIPA nail quickies - beige as a base. The formula of metallic hollogram is easy to work with and required very little cleanup. I was happy with the result after two coats.

Above: outdoors without flash. Below: indoors with flash or under LED light.
I find it very hard to describe the colour of this polish. First it seems to be a brown with a golden shimmer. But depending on the light metallic hollogram seems to be a bronzy gold with hardly any brown. I don't know... I can tell you it is not a duochrome though. Regardless of my difficulties to find the right words here, I really like this polish a lot and will wear this again soon.

How do you like metallic hollogram? Is this a polish you'd like to get your hands on (or on your hands? :-D)

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