Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

2k Beauty - Nail Varnish Collection

Hello everybody!

Today I have to show something to you, that I picked up sometime in november. It is a set of 18 mini nailpolishes made by 2k beauty.
I only paid about €10.- for the whole collection and am quite happy with my finding. 
Sadly the colours don't have a name or number to go by so I will just try to find a good description for every one of them.
Here we go!
 Top: Silver - Black - White - Nude - Mauve - Lilac
Middle: Antique Pink - Pink - Orange - Red - Scarlet - Gold
Bottom: Turquoise - Teal - Blue - Navy - Purple - Brown

Application was very easy on most of these colours on the display. I hope it will work as well on the nails. Once I have done swatches and reviews on the polishes, I will link them back to the colours here.

How do you like these colours?

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