Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

OPI - sheer tints

Hi everyone!

I recently bought these OPI mini tinted top coats online and today I want to share that with you.

This set of sheer tints contains 4 mini bottles in orange, pink, purple and blue that go by the following names:
I'm Never Amberrassed: Liquid amber morphes into a veneer of yellow tint that is anything but bashful.
Be Magentale with Me: Give your nails the sweet treatment with this sheer pink tint.
Don't Violet Me Down: You can count on this crystal sheer amethyst.
I Can Teal You Like Me: It's obvious you're over teal in love with this sheer blue.
I wanted to put all of them on instantly so I decided to do a mix with all of them. This is two coats each.

I really like the colours but that was just too sheer. So I put on some glitter - one coat of Rainbow In The Sky-lie.

To make it a Jelly Sandwich I topped it of with one more layer of the sheer tints. This is what I got.

Above: indoor pictures with flash or under LED light. Below: outdoors, no flash.

I really love these colours and you will be seeing more of them soon!

How do you like these OPI tints?


  1. I dont think I like it.... the whole point of a topcoat is to protect the mani underneath. ..not change the color, ya know? Thanks for sharing!
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    1. You're right about the topcoat, but what about effect & glitter topcoats? 😉 I would not want to miss them... In my opinion the tints are perfect for Jelly Sandwiches! 💅


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