Mittwoch, 5. August 2015

kiko 497 - Pearly Indian Violet & Water Decal Accent Nail

Hello Sweeties!

How is your day going? Today I want to share with you one of my new kiko polishes that I bought while in Austria. This is Pearly Indian Violet (497). As I mentioned when I blogged about my haul (link above), I was a bit upset when I first got the polishes because they only had numbers on the bottle, but I did some research online and found the names.
You probably recognise the accent nail from my post on Sunday. I liked it so much that I didn't want to take it off even after three days of wearing it. So I only removed the polish from my other nails and let that accent be. 
Kikos Pearly Indian Violet is a very dark brownish purple packed with blue and violet microglitter and a bit of hot pink. It is a bit streaky on the first coat, but levels out perfectly with the second. I applied two very thin layeres to get perfect opacity, but you could go with one thicker coat too. I would not recommend it though. It could cause bubbles and increase the chances to get flaws into your polish since the drying time goes up.
My two thin coats did dry very fast. I also applied a layer of Seche Vite to my nails because I found that they were not glossy enough.
In sunlight Pearly Indian Violet displays its real beauty. It seems to be glowing and shimmering even more than indoors. I love how sparkly it is. My mum picked this out for me and I couldn't be happier with her choice.

This polish is fantastic and I wouldn't want to miss it in my collection. 

Do you own any kiko polishes? Do you also like them?

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  1. Ah I love this! What a stunning purple your wearing and the accent nail looks so beautiful with it :D I don't own any Kiko polishes but I really love the look of all I've seen of them! xx

  2. That purple is amazing! I love all Kiko products :)

  3. The KIKO polish is AMAZING! I love the accent nail you made for it. This is a classy and elegant looking manicure!


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