Dienstag, 25. August 2015

Purple Gradient with Pansies

Hello Lovelies!

After showing you the polishes I bought on my first day in Berlin earlier today, I now want to show you a manicure I did using a couple of them.
I started my mani by applying a base coat and then added two layeres of catrice - LE Travel De Luxe - Isle of White (C01). While that was drying I applied liquid latex around my cuticles that I recently bought from Born Pretty Store.
Once everything was dry I applied a purple gradient to my nails using a make-up sponge and then stamped some black pansies on. I actually was planning to only do an accent nail, but as you can see I ended up stamping a few flowers to all my nails.
I then picked out some glitter hexes from a silver polish (I don't know wich polish I used. I just grabbed one from my table...) and added them to the center of each flower. To bring everything together I added Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and sealed in my design. For clean-up I simply had to remove the latex with some tweezers and clean the edges with a flat brush and some acetone.

Here is what I used to create this manicure:
  • Black stamping polish
  • Yves Rocher - Iris (34)
  • Catrice: It's Time For A Lovender (64) - CadiLILAC (71) - Isle of White (LE)
  • Stamping Plate DER-31 plus a stamper & scraper
  • Glitter nailpolish and a toothpick
  • Base & Top Coat
  • Liquid Latex, flat blush and nailpolish remover

I am totally in love with this manicure! I love how the colours look together and am happy with my stamping. The gradient even reminds me a bit of a french manicure with the white tips.
And it does fit perfectly with our balkony flowers! I would wear this for a summer day anytime as well as for a girls night out. The few sparkles add a little elegance, don't you think?
How do you like this flowery manicure? Do you like pansies?

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  1. Beautiful <3 I especially love the catrice polish you're holding in your hand ^^

    1. That really is a beauty! It shimmers so lovely. I have to wear that one on it's own soon!

  2. The gradient is beautiful, the stamping crisp and well done and the added glitter hexes add a touch of fanciness to it. All in all a perfect manicure my dear friend!

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you like it.
      xo, Pia


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