Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

catrice - Minty Memories

Hello Lovelies!

Today I want to show you a polish I bought in Austria a few weeks back. I was asking wich polishes you would like to see and my friend Andera from Colour Your Life was curious about this polish so let me present to you Minty Memories (04) by Catrice Luxury Vintage, with a Satin Matte Effect.
As Andrea mentioned in her lovely comment, the polish looks quite stunning in the bottle wich you can see in the picture above. it has a wonderful blue shimmer to a soft turquouse base and I instantly fell in love with it, when I layed eyes on it. Being on Sale and half price off I simply had to buy it! 
My exaltation was attenuated when I started painting my nails. The first coat went on very streaky, but I thought that might level out with the second one. Once that was dry I painted them again wich caused bubbles and even more streaks. I then did a third coat just to make sure to do everything I could to make it better, but it didn't help much either. I am really disappointed in this polish. In addition to the bad formula I hardly see any of the beautiful shimmer from the bottle on my nails.
I thought my problems with the application may have something to do with the Maybelline base coat I use and so I will give this a second chance with another base coat. Hopefully that will help.

Have you ever had trouble with applying a polish like that?

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  1. Ohhh thank you for swatching this one. I am so sorry that this polish is not as it looked in the bottle. Were is that stunning shimmer? Though I like the finish of it and the light mint shade, to bad for this horrible formula. I don't think that the base is the problem, but I am curious about your second attempt! HAve a great day and thanks again!

    1. Dear Andrea! I felt the same way. it is too bad that the shimmer is almost absent. My second try went somehow better. Check it out! It will be up in a few minutes!
      xo, Pia


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