Montag, 3. August 2015

Maybelline Forever Strong - Violet Village

Hello Loves!

How was your weekend? I was busy packing for my vacation and we drove to out first stop yesterday Morning. This means I am currently in Berlin and that this is a scheduled post. I'm usually not big on the Monday Blues, but this polish is so pretty that I couldn't resist sharing it early this week and thought why not participate! 
This is Maybelline Forever Strong - Violet Village (645). It is a bluish lavender creme polish with an amazing lilac shimmer. It reminds me of a summer in Provence (South France) whith all the beautifully blooming lavender fields. I bet whoever made this polish had that in mind!
Found on Google.
The formula is excellent and applies smoothly. It required absolutely no clean-up and was perfectly opaque in two coats. The drying time on this polish was good too. Once I was done with all my fingers the first one was dry enough for the second layer. No waiting time at all.
I love how shiny and shimmery it is all by itself, but to protect this beautiful colour I added Seche Vite before I took the outdoor pictures below. This makes each and every manicure super glossy. Unfortunately in this case it caused that the shimmer didn't photograph anymore. I tried avery possible angle, but my camera was overwhelmed by the glossy shine and was unable to capture the soft shimmer underneath. My bad. In real life it was still there though!
I didn't have any direct sunlight the day I took these pictures. Maybe it would have helped with the pictures. 

I still am amazed with this lovely colour. I can almost smell the sun on my skin walking through a flourishing lavender garden in a small french village. A Violet Village! :-)

Do you own any polishes that give you a holiday sensation or flashback? I hope you like this polish as much as I do!

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  1. Ooooh I wanna go walking in a violet village! :D This is amazing, the perfect colour for your picture I believe and super cute on your nails. I like the subtle shimmer too, it doesn't take away from the lavender too much! xx


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