Freitag, 7. August 2015

Midnight Gradient

Hello Sweeties!

 I bet you remember this weeks Monday Blues post on Maybelline - Violet Village. I wanted to add something sparkly and make it suitable for a Girls Night Out. I decided to make a Midnight gradient to wear on a Friday Night.
To do so I used another Maybelline Forever Strong polish and sponged it onto the tips of my nails. Also the name was very fitting for the manicure I had in mind. I used Midnight Blue for the gradient wich was actually in my very first blogpost ever.
Once everything was dry I added a layer of china glaze - Fairy Dust to create a starry sky before sealing it in with Seche Vite. For a momant I was thinking about adding another glitter with some bigger hexes to make some brighter stars, but I actually was already satisfied with the way this manicure looked.

Same as in my post about Violet Village I had trouble catching all the beauty of this manicure on camera. There was too much gloss, shimmer and sparkle to proberly show everything, but I guess you get the picture anyway.

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you like this manicure and are prepared for a fun friday night.

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  1. This looks beautiful, like a deep and starry night sky! I love the gradient :) I really must get Fairy Dust, I have seen it on so many sites and it always looks so beautiful! Have a great Friday night! I will just be at home painting and doing my phone calls home :) xx

  2. Great gradient, this is absolutely perfect for a galaxy nail art too, because it is already looking like a starry night sky! Great one again!


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