Donnerstag, 27. August 2015

Berlin Shopping Spree - Day 2

Hello Loves!

I can not wait to show you the second part of my Berlin Shopping Spree. I had such a lovely time picking all of them out and it makes me smile and remember each time I look at one of them. Do you know the feeling? I love to buy polish on vacation!
Let's get started with the claire's polishes I bought. Usually their polish is between €2,99 to €3,99 for the 10mL bottle, but they all were on sale for only €2.-! And furthermore they had a special deal on everything. Buy 3 pay 2. So I ended up paying only €4.- for three bottles of polish wich is about €1,30 each. Amazing! My first picks were these neon polishes:
California Girl - Stormy Day - Rave - Electric - Cobalt - Pinball
(check out this mixed neon manicure)

Glazed Donut - Junk - Pomegranate/Mango
The yellow and blue glitter polish are scented nail polishes. I am really excited to try those!

Bouquet - #Metallic Red - Runway

From the new essence the gel nail polish line I bought these three:
brazil jungle (26) - va-va-voom (47) - my love diary (48)

p2 LE - caipirinha (010), essence The Metals - born to be wild (25), catrice LE Doll's Collection - Hide & Green (C03), RdL - lady look (05), RdL - million diamonds (#04), 
p2 LE Beyond Lagoon - sunburst yellow (020)

Most of the polishes above were on sale too. I do not remember how much they were exactly, but I guess around €1,50. Except for the p2 LE ones. They were definitely not on sale, but they are not very expensive.

And then I discovered a flormar store in a shopping mall. I have read a lot about their nail polish online, but we do not have a store in Munich and I didn't even know there were stores in Germany. I was really excited to see, that they had many polishes on sale. I bought bottles for as little as €1.- up to €2,50. I will just write down the names/numbers below and will go into details when I swatch them. Some only have numbers on so I will have to find out if thes do have names too.
Golden Orchid (394) - Holographic Silver (392) - Electric Impulse (GG01) - Roll the Wheel (GG03) - Stardust (GG04) - Time Freezer (GG07)

Juicy Melon (SC08) - Lime Bonbon (SC04) - S04 - S02 - 060 - 239 - Blackstar Red (352)

What are your favourites here? I think I will try the neon polishes first as long as the summer lasts and move on to the darker ones in autumn. Wich polish would you like to see on my nails?

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  1. OMG! so many pretties! I can't wait to see them on your nails! specially the neon ones, they look amazing on the bottles!

    1. You are in luck! Tomorrows post is all about the neon polishes! I just love them for summer.
      xo, Pia

  2. Wooow dear, so many pretty polishes. We have claire's store in our town, but they don't have any polishes :) So, all of the claire's polishes are very appealing to me and I am anxious to see them on your nails!

    1. For a long time I didn't know claire's sold polishes too. I discovered them around Christmas last year when I went looking for presents (and found some for myself...)! ;-)
      They really are great. If you ever get the chance to buy some - DO IT! I love their formula and colours!

  3. Flormar is a Turkish brand and in Turkey you can even get them for less than 1€! And they have a very good quality compared to their price. I hope you like them too. The glitter might be a bit difficult to take off though. Btw, on their website you can find out their names. They only had numbers before, but recently they started writing the names on the bottles as well.

    1. Thank you so much for that information! I will go take a look ASAP. I have already tried out one of the glitters and it was fantastic, but so terrible to remove! I will share that on the blog soon!
      xo, Pia


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