Montag, 31. August 2015

Summer Flowers

Hello Sweeties!

How was your weekend? To make your Monday a bit sweeter let me show you this colourful flower manicure. It took me quite a while to do it, but I think it was totally worth the effort.

Unfortunately I only have two of these stampers so I wasn't able to make the decals for all my nails at once. I transfered a mixed flower design on both ends of my stapmers and filled them in with different colours. I used all catrice polishes, but I did not write each one of them down. (I think I used about 10 or 12 different shades from yellow to purple.) Last but not least I added a few dotted purple lines to fill in some gaps.
Once that had dried for a few minutes I painted on a clear coat and let it sit there for the night. The next day I peeled them off and did the same thing again. While the second batch was drying I painted my nails white (catrice - Isle of White).
I then started to measure the first decals to my nails (I had four for five nails!) and cut them into shape. Once I've placed them on my nails and cleaned up any excess I sealed them in with Seche Vite. By the time I was done with that the second decals had dried sufficiently and I repeated the last few steps on my other hand.
I usually don't post pictures of my right hand, because I am never 100% satisfied with the outcome, but in this case I'll make an exception. Don't they look super cute?
They also look lovely with my orchids...
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are up for a whole new week. Stay tuned for my monthly favourites coming later today!

How do you like this colourful design? Do you like flower nails?

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  1. These are mesmerizing!! You've done an amazing job I love this!!

    1. Thank you Natalia! It means a lot to me that you like them!
      xo, Pia

  2. Even if it took a long time to make this one, it worth it. Look at this flower power, it is absolutely amazing dear!

    1. I totally agree! Thank you sweetheart!
      I really have to get a few more stampers. I'm having so much fun creating colourful looks like this, but mostly I don't have the patience to do it twice in a row only because I haven't enough supplies... Frustrating!

      I still love the result a lot!
      xo, Pia

  3. Antworten
    1. Thank you! With the methode I used it was quite easy. The DIY decals work perfectly!


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