Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Santa Claus - Christmas Manicure

Hello everyone!

I did a Santa Manicure last weekend and promised to do another one and include a tutorial.
Since I like to keep my promises here it comes. 

Today I therefore have something special for you: my very first tutorial!
This is what we're going for :-)
First gather everything you'll need for this manicure:

  • basecoat, topcoat
  • a nude colour
  • 2 red colours
  • black & white polish
  • silver or metallic polish or striper
  • 2 white rhinestones
  • black and red caviar pearls
  • acetone/polish remover
  • tweezers, dotting tool and a brush for cleanup
I used essence all in one base, Maybelline - Ivory Rose (75), Wet n Wild - Jezebel(E463) and Burgundy Frost(E412A), NYX - White(NGP149), essence - Black Is Black (144), b.pretty Nail Striper - metall pearl (07) and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

Step one. 
Paint the nail(s) you want to do the design on in a nude colour and all the other ones in a deep red (I used burgundy). The nude does not have to be perfect. If there is still some VNL that is ok.
Step two.
For your Santa face you have to paint the lower part of your finger in the lighter red colour (I used ruby). On one side brush down a little more. That is going to be tip of his hat.
It does not have to be perfect. 
For your Santa suit you need to paint the neckline and then fill the rest of your nail with red.

Step three.
Now the white is up. Make sure to use a very opaque one. You don't want to paint many layers.
Using your dotting tool (or the end of a bobby pin) draw a line of white dots underneath santa's hat. And then go on with his beard. Dot around the sides of your nails - leaving a little space between the tip of the head and the beard - and whiten your tips. Then draw a mustache and make two dots for the eyes.

Don't forget to cover your nailtips in the front. You don't want any red shining through.
For the suit, draw a line down the middle of your nail, cover the neckline and the border of his coat.
Step four.
Draw a black belt on Santa's belly. Approximately in the lower 1/3rd.
Put one black dot to the tip of Santa's hat and place a white rhinestone on it.

If you don't have rhinestones let the black dry and put a white dot on and if you want some silver.

Step five.
We're almost done.
Use a silver or metallic polish to draw the beltbuckle. I used a striper, but you can use a toothpick or a fine brush aswell.
Put one layer of topcoat on Santa's face and place two black caviar beads as the eyes and a red one for the nose on it.
If you do not have these little pearls simply use little dots of polish instead. (No extra topcoat needed)

Step six.
Let everything dry very well and then put topcoat on. 

What do you feel about this little guy?
Please let me know what you think of my tutorial! I really would appreciate some feedback.


  1. This is super cute! I love the santa nail art!


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