Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Catrice - England's Rose & Ombre Manicure

Hello everyone!

It's Friday! Only a few more hours and the weekend is here. :-)
Today I have Catrice - England's Rose from the Limited Edition Check & Tweed to share with you. I found this beauty 50% off when I visited my parents a few weeks ago and was so happy to get such a beautyful colour for only 1,50€.
I would describe it as a rosy nude creme with a pearly golden shimmer. 
I like the formula very much. The first coat went on very smooth. It did though take longer to dry than I expected. So the second coat was a little more difficult in application, but not very bad. 
England's rose was fully opaque in two coats.
For these swatches I applied it over essence all in one basecoat.
Indoors with flash
Indoors without flash under my LED desk light
Indoors with flash
Outdoors no flash
I even caught a little sunlight and really like the way it lookes. It brought that beautyful shimmer out very well.
direct sunlight
direct sunlight
I really like England's Rose a lot. It is a great colour to wear on it's own or with an accent nail or design on top. It is wearable all year around for every occasion, special or not.

All pictures above where taken without a topcoat, because I wanted to try something new.
I recently purchased an Ombre Top Coat from Catrice and was excited to try it. You have to apply 1 coat on your indexfinger, 2 on the middlefinger and so on to create the ombre look.
Here's what the result looks like:
Indoors with flash
Indoors without flash under LED desklight.
Outdoors without flash
Outdoors without flash
direct sunlight
direct sunlight
The Ombre Top Coat is not like your usual topcoat, because it is much thinner and more liquid. Application is a little tricky. You have to be careful to put the same amount of the topcoat to all your fingers and it has to be one even layer on each finger. If you sweep your brush over the same spot twice, it will leave a darker spot or stripe.
But with a little practice that is no problem.
I really like the way this manicure turned out and will definitely be using that Ombre topcoat again. But it takes up a lot of time, because you have to go over and over again. (My Pinkie has 7 layers of polish on: 1 Basecoat, 2 polish coats and 4 layers of the Ombre Top Coat.)
On the other Hand I guess that a normal ombre manicure does take tke same amount of time with all the colour mixing... :-)

What do you think of this polish/manicure?

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