Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

OPI - Krème de la Kremlin

Good morning everybody!

I really am happy to have this post ready for you guys today! It was an odyssey. 
I painted my nails in the afternoon and took some pictures in the evening and again in the morning. As I was going to upload them to my computer I realized that the memorycard was still in my card reading slot and not in the camera. Boy was I startled. As you might have guessed this was after I've taken the polish off. :-O
But fortunately my camera has an internal storage for a few pictures. Puhh! I then tried to get those on my computer and looked pretty stupid, when they where nowhere to be found. Thank god for my fiancé. He downloaded a software that could read that cameras brains out! And here we are now... :-D
I proudly present you todays star: OPI - Krème de la Kremlin. Let's dive right in to the pictures, shall we? These where taken indoors at night with artifical light and a flash. I applied two coats of Kréme de la Kremlin over basecoat.

 I was very pleased with the great formula of this polish. There was hardly any cleanup not even on my right hand... (Am I getting better at this or what? :-D)
It was opaque in two coats and dried to a glossy finish. It took a little longer than I expected though. I did not apply any topcoat wich clearly was a mistake because I smudged all of my nails during the night. Well, smudged isn't the right word. They just looked kind of wrinkly. 
I took some daylight pictures regardless of my nailcondition.
Indoors with flash
Outdoors with flash (sorry about that shadow. I haven't got another closeup shot.)
Outdoors without a flash
And one more with flash.
As you can see in these pictures the colour looks totally different in other lighting so I find it hard to describe the colour. At night I would have said its a rosy brown but in daylight it's more like an antique pink. I will definitely give thisone another shot with some topcoat on!

How do you like this polish? Are you a fan of OPI?

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