Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014

OPI - Chicago Champagne Toast

Hello everyone!

Today I have another beauty to share with you from my Online Shopping Haul.

Chicago Champagne Toast is a bronzy-pink that dries to a frosty finish.
I used Maybelline Jade Salon Care Ridgefilling Basecoat and two coats of Chicaco Champagne Toast for this manicure. The formula was good maybe a bit thin and runny but manageable. At least there was not much cleanup to do on my left hand. The right one is an other story... :-D
Due to the frosty finish there where some visible brushstrokes. That is why I also applied a generouse layer of Seche Vite to smooth it out a bit. 
Indoors with flash
I think the brushstrokes are not too bad.

Indoors with flash.

Outdoors without flash
Also outdoors without flash. I think it is incredible how the different background changes the brightness of this polish.
From this angle the brushtrokes are better visible. But I've seen worse! :-)
One last outdoors picture without flash.

OPI describes CCT as a "fine pink champagne with an underestimated shine". I don't quite agree with this description. I think that it is more of a frosty pink with a touch of bronze. In very bright light it might appear almost champagne-like.
But no matter what the colour is called. I really like it and it is a colour that fits with nearly anything. You can wear it to work with muted colours or to a party with bright colours. It also fits with a festive outfit and even spikes up your pyjamas (and I know what I'm talking about, because I'm wearing mine right now! :-D).

Have a great day everyone!

What do you think of CCT?

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