Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

p2 Gold & Crown - Purple Charism

Good Morning everyone!

Today I have the last untried polish from my latest haul for you. p2 Purple Charism from the Gold & Crown Limited Edition.
Purple Charism looks like a very rich and dark brown with golden shimmer in the bottle. But once you open it you can see, that it actually has a purple base.

On my left hand i layered one coat of Purple Charism over OPI's I Brake for Manicures. The application was pretty easy although I did not like the brush all that much. It is not too thin though, but i prefer flat brushes to round ones.
indoors without flash
indoors with flash. Can you see that golden shimmer?
outdoors without flash
outdoors with flash
On my right hand I applied one coat of Purple Charism over essence all in one complete care as a base. During application you could really see the purple, but once the nail is done you can only see the brown with the golden shimmer. But see for yourself.

Indoors without flash
Indoors with flash. 
Outdoors without flash

Outdoors with flash. If you look real closely you can see a little purple shimmer (or is that just imagination and whishful thinking? :-D)
Closeup. Outdoors with flash.
Please excuse the mess around my cuticles. Since this is my right hand I used my left to paint the nails and I am not that good with it sometimes. :-) And as it turns out taking a picture of my right hand isn't one of my great talents eighter.

I still have hope, that in direct sunlight the purple will be visible. But we haven't had any shred of sunlight in the last couple of weeks her. Only clouds and fog. 
I promise to snap some pictures in sunlight soon (hopefully) and let you know about the purple undertones. Same goes for the Brown Splendor from this collection where I missed the red tone you could see in the bottle.

I really liked the formula of this polish and was impressed by the good coverage.
There was hardly any cleanup to do (at least not on my left hand! :-D)

What do you guys think of Purple Charism?

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