Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

How to remove Glitter Nailpolish very easy

Hi everybody!

Today I want to show you how easy the removal of glitter nailpolish can be. There are a few metods that I can only recommend trying. After all it is the perfect season to wear some glitter polish.

First up is the well-known foil method. You only need some tin foil and a big ball of cotton. 
Pluck the cotton wool in ten pieces and rip the foil up. 
Use your polish remover to soak the cotton and put it on your nail. Then wrap around a piece of foil. 

Do that with all your fingers (I usually do one hand at a time because I can't wrap the second hand with that tin hats on my fingers. :-D). After a few minutes you can just wipe your polish off. Simply press down on your nail while pulling down your foil hat.

The second method is to soak your nails in a polish remover bath. They usually come in pairs for both of your hands, but I only ever use one for both hands. Otherwise it is a waste of polish remover.

After soaking my fingers for approximately 4-5 minutes I pulled them out and the polish of 2 of my fingers was completely gone. As for the others I only needed one swap with my soaked cotton ball to remove the polish. Only the bigger glitter parts stuck on a little longer, but where easily removed by gently rubbing over the nail.

Third I want to show you these soak-capsules.
 They come in packs of ten but I usually use them for accent nails only.
Just fill up one of these caps with polish remover, close the lid and put your finger in. You have to be careful and don't put in too much liquid. When your finger is in it might spill, when the cap is too full.

 After a few minutes the polish comes off easy.

That's all I've got! :-)

How do you remove your glitter polish?

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