Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014

Essence - Come To Town

Hello again!

I simply had to check in again today! I was out christmas shopping yesterday when this little cuties caught my eye. This nail polish set from essence is called Come To Town - 01 Naughty Or Nice and contains two nail polishes and a special effect topcoat.
Isn't that a cute box?
If you want it to be a present for someone other than yourself, ther's even  a space to put the names on ontop of the box.
The colours itself don't have names.
I just had to put the golden topper on to see how it looks.
This is one coat plus some dabbing to fill in the blanks over OPI - Chicago Champagne Toast that I shared with you earlier today here.
This is just my ringfinger in closeup.
Indoors with flash.
Indoors without flash.
Indoors with flash.
What can I say? I love it! 
I payed about 3,50€ for the set and I thinkbecause of the golden topcoat alone it's money well spent. The translucent base is full of micriglitter and medium sized hexes. It is gorgeuse.

Of course I will also share with you the berry and coral nailpolish once I've put them on.

How do you like this Christmas polish set?

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