Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

Gold Polish comparison

Hello everyone!

I'm driving home for Christmas today and am quite excited! But this means that I will not be writing "live" on my blog. I have posts scheduled for the next few days though so please stop by to check them out! There will also be some Christmas manicures :-D

Since Christmas is only a few more days away and my fingers where craving for some gold I thought that a comparison of a few different golden polishes couldn't hurt.
On my thumb I put Catrice - Metallicious (C04 Limited Edition - Metallure).
On my index- and middelfinger I used Maybelline - Gold All Night (735). 
And on my pinkie and Ringfinger I used essence - go bold (140) .

Thumb: Application of the Catrice polish was very easy and it was opaque in 2 coats. It has a metallic, brassy finish with a few visible brushstrokes. Topcoat would have probably smoothened them. All in all I think it is a pretty warm golden colour.
Index- & Middelfinger: I used two coats of Gold All Night, but one coat would have been okay too. This creme polish is quite opaque. The colour is a little cooler than the others and has a hint of silver in it. It is a perfect base for designs. I would describe it as a metallic foil finish if that makes any sence. :-) It has a little of both.
Last but not least the beautiful essence - go bold. I just love this golden colour. It is so shiny, with a foil finish and looks almost liquid on your fingers. I think it is perfect for Christmas nail art.

All pictures where taken indoors with a flash. I did put on basecoat for these swatches.

Which polish do you like best?

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