Donnerstag, 23. April 2015

Ruby Kisses - Magenta

Hello Lovelies!

Today I want to share with you my first experience with Ruby Kisses Nail Polish, that I only recently discovered in a perfumery. (See my haul here.)
I have seen a lot of pictures of these brand on social media and other blogs and always liked the pretty colours and finally I stumbled upon them in a local beauty store. I was so happy that I almost jumped up and down right there. I started grabbing random bottles and put them in my basket. Around the 10th or 12th bottle it hit me: What if you don't like the formula of these polishes? You have never tried them... Go easy! So I sorted them through and only bought five bottles.
My first choice for swatching was Magenta (RNP30), a pinkish purple with a blueish silver shimmer. Oh I love it! Application was a dream. The formula is so great and goes on smoothly and evenly without any trouble. I have to go back and buy a ton more!
I applied two coats of Magenta for these swatches, but one would have probably been enough since this polish is very highly pigmented and therefore quite opaque. Also the polish dried quickly and to a glossy finish, with a pearly shimmer.

In direct sunlight you can see, that there are also a few irridescent particles in there. In the blurry shot above you can see how it twinkles. There is red, blue, yellow and also a hint of green.

Isn't this polish just gorgeous? I could not stop looking at it and let my nails twinkle in the sun! I also like the design of the bottle a lot. And the polish is very affordable too! I paid just under 3€ a bottle.

How do you like this polish? Is this one you would wear? Are you familiar with this brand?

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  1. I like the shade very much, but not so much the frosty finish of it.

    1. I love, that it sparkles in direct sunlight. So pretty!


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