Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

Polish Shopping in Prague - Sephora & miss sporty

Hello Beauties!

How are you today? We were having a bit of a winter storm here over the last couple of days and this morning I woke up to an all white world. And no, this is no April Fool's Day hoax, it did really snow again... :-O I am so thankful for the good weather we were having for my Birthday trip last weekend. Speaking of Prague, let me show you my new Beauties:
For the first time ever I went to a Sephora store (we don't have them here in Germany, or at least not in Munich) and I could have spent hours in there and probably also millions... ;-D But I pulled myself together and only bought these three Sephora polishes:
 Pink Sapphire - Dirty Groove - Blackjack

Pink Sapphire is a pinkish red glitter polish.
Dirty Groove is a violet creme polish with a bluish shimmer.
And Blackjack is a silverish black or anthracite polish. It looks like it might be textured or just sparkling. Hard to tell from the outside. I have to try this one first!

I also bought a brand I have never heard of before, in a drugstore: miss sporty. According to the bottle they are made in Spain. Even though we have the same drugstore chain here, they do not sell this brand. I really did not plan to buy these polishes, but I swear I acted from necessity. I was wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish when I went to Prague and trusted that it would last me at least four days, but it started chipping while we were still in the car driving there. But this is another story. What I've been meaning to say is that I did not pack my polishing tools and had to get some quickly!
 452    -    151    -    345    -    004
I hate it when polishes only have numbers instead of a name, but I was intrigued by the unknown brand to buy them anyway... :-D 
These 7mL bottles only const between 20 to 40 Kc wich is about 0,65 to 1,30€. I put on the red one and it lasted me for three days. I did not take pictures though, because I was not 100% satisfied with my painting. As I said before I did not bring my tools and so I had to improvise with cleaning up and also the lighting was not that good. I'll use it again and show you swatches then! I promise.

Did you treat yourself on your last trip? Any preferences on what you'd like to see on the blog first?

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  1. I'm going Prague in 2 weeks! Can't wait to get some new purchases!

    1. You should go to the Palladium shopping Center near old town square. They have great shops!
      xo, Pia


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