Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

ANNY - surf the wave

Hello Lovelies!

How are you today? Anything special going on?
Today I want to show you another polish from my latest haul. This is the lovely ANNY - surf the wave (378). It actually only is the second polish from this brand I have tried so far, but since I liked the first polish very much, I was happy to try this one out. (See ANNY - midtown skyline)
Surf the wave is a light teal creme polish with a purplish pearl shimmer. It has a great formula, that is a bit on the thin side, but not runny. It was easy to apply, spread out smoothly and dried quickly. With two coats surf the wave is fully opaque. Due to the pearl shimmer there are a few visible brushstrokes, but they are hardly visible. You really have to look closely so see them. Furthermore it has a slightly matte finish, wich I think is really lovely for this colour. For these swatches I used a Maybelline base coat and no top coat.

Isn't this a gorgeous summer polish? Girlie and elegant at the same time! Perfect for the beach or a girls night out. I bet it would look even prettier with a bit of a tan.
This definitely is a polish I will be wearing again. This brand really is growing on me! :-D It is a bit more expensive though (about 10€ per bottle) and I was glad to get this one for the half prize. Lucky me!

How do you like surf the wave? Do you like ANNY polish?

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