Freitag, 24. April 2015

p2 - color victim polish collection

Hello Lovelies!

I took some time recently to sort through all my nailpolish and thought that it was about time to show you all the beautiful colours I own from the p2 color victim line.
p2 is an Austrian brand that you can find very inexpensive in drugstores here in Germany. They have seasonal vibrant colours with an excellent formula and a wonderful brush, that makes application a dream. I loved every colour I have tried so far.
993 lovely madness
960 dress + go!
992 most popular
691 can't get enough!
650 fever
623 rock it!
693 that's it!
970 keep in touch
570 so cool!
920 up in the air!
990 free to be
890 lost in paradise
620 artful
940 never 2 much
624 final countdown
900 next exit: party!
996 before sunrise
I just love looking at these beautiful colours! It makes me happy to see this lovely rainbow.
And my latest edition to this lovely collection, that I bought after taking all these colourful pictures: (see the haul here)
627 kind of crazy  

I also have a bunch of glitter polishes from p2, but I'll save the Lost In Glitter line and some other p2 polishes for another day. Also I will link back to this page, once I've done swatches of these polishes.

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  1. I really like to see all the shades lined up the bottles look so pretty! I also need to organize a bit more my stash and swatch all my polishes on nail sticks, but it will take me forever!! haha

    1. I also love the bottles a lot! It is so time consuming to organize all my nailpolish. I only have a fraction on displays like that.
      At least I try to have the brands together to find what I am looking for a bit faster! ;-D
      xo Pia


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