Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

NYX - Enchanted Forest

Hello everyone!

After showing you essence - Green Tea For Two recently, I want to share  NYX - Enchanted Forest with you today, wich I layered over the essence polish.
Enchanted Forest has a green jelly base with a ton of green glitter in it. There are lots of small and medium sized hexes in this polish and a few extra large ones too. There are a few different shades of green in it, but all very close to each other. I could not namet any distinct colour descriptions.

The glitter density is really good. I only used one coat of glitter polish for this manicure and as you can see there is sparkles eyerywhere. There is no need for fishing for larger particles. I only turn around my glitter polish for about a minute before I use it to make sure that the larger junks are not stuck on the bottom.
If you look closely you can see, that the extra large hexes are not just plain green, but they have darker stripes. This gives them additional glint. What I don't like that much about them is, that they are so big, they can't follow the nail line and stick out a bit. But with a generous layer of topcoat it will be fine.

I really love this combination. In the closeup shot above you can see the soft shimmer of Green Tea For Two shining through. I am not sure if you could build up enough coats of this polish to reach opacity so I would recommend always layering it. If you have a shimmery pastel green like the one I used, you will get great results!

How do you like this combination? Isn't it lovely for spring?

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