Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

essence - nail art special topper - glorious aquarius

Hello everyone!

And Happy Friday! Today I want to show you a glitter topper from essence by the name glorious aquarius.

Glorious aquarius (10) contains light blue and silver iridescent hexes in three different sizes from very small to medium. It sparkles with any lighting. I used it on top of essence - prince charming, wich I shared with you here, and they really complement each other perfectly!

In direct sunlight you can see price charmings shimmer shining through wich makes this manicure even prettier. As most glitter toppers glorious aquarius is a bit gooey but still quite easy to apply. And the glitter density is good too. I only used one layer of glitter topper in these pictures.

I can't stop looking at it and wiggling my fingers!

How do you like this glitter topper? Do you like sparkly, glittery nails?

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