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Misslyn - edgy

Hello Loves!

This is my last 'live' post before going on vacation tomorrow. I have a bunch of posts prepped and scheduled for the next two weeks so make sure to stop by that my hard work wasn't for nothing. :-D A few days ago I used Misslyn - edgy (11F), from this summer sale haul, as an accent nail and loved it so much that I decided I had to use it in a full manicure too. That's what I want to share with you today.
Edgy is a very dark grey/anthracite crelly polish full of different coloured micro glitter flakies. I see blue, yellow, purple and a hint of green. It is such a beautiful polish!

It would be okay to use two slightly thicker coats for full opacity, but I did use three for this manicure, because I had some minor imperfections after my second coat. If you apply a very thin layer only edgy could also be used as a dark glitter topper. It's glitter density is extremely high and will show up all over the nail even with the thinnest coat possible. It also gives you quite an unique finish.
Edgy is form Misslyns Satin Metal line and dries to a silky, smooth matte finish with some shine left. And a whole lot of shimmer from the fakies.
I added a coat of Seche Vite to seal it in and to make it glossy again. I just like it best that way!

As an accent I picked out drop-shaped rhinestones matching the colours of the flakies. I used yellow, clear, dark blue, light green and light blue ones and placed them near the cuticles. I then used a very liquid top coat to seal them in and avoid bubbles.

Even though this polish is a real beauty I have two points that I need to criticise. First It takes quite long to dry. Even though I added Seche Vite in the end I got some bumps on my thumb hours after painting them. Okay, I did add a more liquide top coat too, to seal in my rhinestones, but that shouldn't cause that effect. And the second thing is that it doesn't last too long. It hasn't been a full day of wearing the polish and I already have bald tips.

Taking all that into consideration I would still buy this polish again!

Do you have anything similar in your collection? 

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