Samstag, 29. August 2015

flormar - Golden Orchid

Hello Sweeties!

How are you on this wonderful Saturday? Today I want to show you another one of my newbies from my Berlin Shopping Spree (Day 1 & Day 2). I discovered a flormar store and the lady working there was a real sweatheart. She was looking at me with big eyes asking me why I was buying so many polishes and I told her that I am blogging about polish and simply had to buy all these beauties when I get the opportunity. (We don't have a flormar store in Munich!)

I paid for my polishes, packed them into my bag and off I was when I heard her asking what blog I am writing. It took me a few seconds to realise she was still talking to me and I turned around a few meters away from the store and went back in. We laughed about it and talked some more. I gave her the name of my blog and hopefully she will stop by one day and maybe even recognize herself in this blogpost. (If you do, leave a comment! ;-D)
But now let's get on to the polish, that's what you've been waiting for, right? This is flormar nail enamel - Golden Orchid (394). I used one coat of claire's - Cloud (an off white creme polish) as a base because I was not sure if Golden Orchid would have good coverage. And then I layered two coats of the golden, sparkly polish over it. It turnes out that I didn't really need the base. Golden Orchid has pretty good coverage on its own.
The formula is wonderful. It spreads evenly and dries pretty quick. I love how sparkly it is. The crelly golden base is packed with iridescent microglitter that shimmeres in all the colours of the rainbow.

As an accent I added some drop shaped rhinestones in form of a flower to my ringfinger and a little pink flower shaped one to my indexfinger. The blueish flower I did like, but the purple one was a bit too much, what do you think?

In direct sunlight the glitter stood out best. My camera couldn't capture all it's beauty. But I still think it looks fantastic in those pictures. Imagine how gorgeous it looks in real life! 
Have you ever tried flormar nail varnish? How do you like Golden Orchid? Is this a polish for you?


  1. flormar was the first nail polish brand I have ever used ^^ This one, i haven't tried, but most of them are really good quality.

    1. This really is a pretty shade. Do you have a favourite colour?


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