Sonntag, 2. August 2015

Born Pretty Store Haul & Water Decal Accent Nail

Hello Beauties!

Happy Sunday! I am already on the road to Berlin where we will be staying for a couple of days. This post is the first of many that I've scheduled for you!
A few weeks ago I ordered at Born Pretty Store and finally my package arrived. I was so happy, but cooled down rapidly when I realized that half of my order was missing. Hopefully that will be settled soon. Let me show you my haul first before giving you details on my manicure.
Here is a first view of what I've got. So many packing materials that I didn't realise something was missing at first.
I got some nail art stickers and water decals, a few stamping polishes, some plates, a bottle of liquide latex for easier cleanup when doing gradients and water marbles and a few different 3D bows.
Furthermore I got new stampingplates and some glitter polishes. I am a bit sad that many of them are so similar, but they were only 0.99c so that isn't so bad. Then I realised that my set of holographic polishes (12pcs for $50.-) as well as some other small pieces were missing. That was really frustrating. Not only because it is more than half of what I paid, but these polishes were the main reason for me to order in the first place...

For my manicure I picked the item that immediately caught my eye. These flower decals were part of a three item lucky bag and I fell in love!
I was still wearing Holo My Hand (catrice) with a polkadot accent from the day before. The polish was still perfect and looked lovely with the blue part of the water decals so I decided to only take off my accent and do a new one.
As a base for my ringfinger I used claire's - Magic Show, wich had good coverage in two coats. I then cut out the design, put it into water and grabbed it with some tweezers to place un my nail. This decal was a bit thicker than the ones I've used before. It has a white base underneath the colours wich mahes it pop even better. But this means that you have to pull it off the carrier foil before placing it on your nail. Otherwise you'd end up with a white pattern.
Before sealing it in with Seche Vite I dabbed on it with a paper tissue to soak up the remaining water.
Isn't this a gorgeous accent nail? I am totally in love with it! The green leaves actually don't have a white base underneath and let the glitter shimmer through. Fantastic!

How do you like this combination? Have you ever worked with water decals before?

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