Samstag, 19. September 2015

BPS Holo Polish #12

Hello Sweeties!

Happy Saturday to you! Today is the first day of Oktoberfest in Munich so the city is full of people. We haven't decided yet whether we are going there this afternoon or not. I guess it depends on the weather. 
Today I finally want to show you #12 of my Born Bretty Store Holographic Polish Set. I started with this polish because Andrea from Colour Your Life asked me to see swatches of this beauty.
In my overview post about the set I described it as a moss green, but it is more of a very deep and dark aqua. It reminds me of dark green emeralds as well as blue sapphires. The colour changes depending on the light. The darker it is the bluer it looks. And then there is this gorgeous holographic effect. you can see the whole rainbow at once. I love it. 
And the best part is it even photographes well. I usually have the problems that the holo effect doesn't transfer on the pictures. And look how it sparkles in direct sunlight! I promise you won't stop moving your fingers it you wear this polish so don't wear it to an important meeting or exam - it might distract you! ;-D
#12 has a really great formula. It applies smoothly and without any streaking. It dries quickly and to a slightly glossy finish, but I would recommend using a top coat to bring out the holo shimmer best. You'll need three coats to get full opacity, but the bottle is so small that I ceated and used a white base on nine of ma ten nails to get coverage in two coats. In retrospect I maybe should have used a dark green base colour, but I am happy with my result as it is too.
By the way the nail I used three coats on is my middlefinger. I think it is a bit more sparkly and shimmery than the rest, but that could also be my imagination! :-)

I did add a thin layer of Revlon - Holographic Pearls to my ringfinger as an accent, because I was curious how the different holos would look together. I can tell you it is an amazing combination, although it doesn#t look like much in the picture. My camera wasn't able to show the iridescent sparkle and the holo shimmer at once. In real life this looked fabulous!
I hope you like this polish as much as I do. Are you a fan of holos?

Dear Andrea I hope you are satisfied with these swatches and ca make up your mind about this polish! I bet it would suit you perfectly.

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  1. This goes straight to my wishlist! I love the effect of it and it is my favorite color :)
    Thanks for swatching this first!

    1. Anytime my friend! Just say the word and I'm at your service! ;-D
      I'm excited to see it on your nails some day!


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