Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

Sunday - Funday! Minions

Hello Beauties!

Today is Sunday and that is such a fun day so I decided to do a cute Minions Manicure for you!
As always I started with my Maybelline base coat and added a layer of NXY - White to make the colour brighter. Then I painted on two coats of OPI - I Just Can't Cope-Acabana
With my fine nailart brush I added blue lines in alessandro - Stone Washed across the tip of my nails and filled them in completely. With a black polish (I used Wet 'n Wild - Black Creme) I added lines in the upper third of my nails. This is the basic starting point of this manicure and then you can get creative.
You can make one or two eyed Minions. Simply use a grey polish for their goggles. Add white with a smaller doting tool for the eyes. If you have enough space like me here. You can use a brown or blue polish for the next dot and add a small black pupil to that, or you can skip that and add the pupil directly on the white. You can make them them to be cross eyed if you want to.
If you happen to have tiny googly eyes from the crafts store you could use those too. Next you have to decide wich mouth you want to give to your Minions. Make a simple line (Pinkie), a wedge (Thumb), a circle (Pointer) or a big smile with or without a tongue. Do whatever you want!
If you like you can leave it at that or add a few hair. As you can see there was not enough room on my Pointer so thisone had to go bald! But he is still so cute.

You can also add suspenders to their pants or a pocket. Do whatever makes you happy! To Finish this manicure i applied a good layer of Seche Vite. This Topcoat is great because it doesn't smudge your design. If you are using another top coat make sure to let it dry for a while first. You have quite a few layers there. Especially the eyes smudge easily.

I actually was inspired to do this manicure by a page full of Minion bed linens and towels. Here are a few shots. Can you tell wich are my nails? ;-D

I really am so happy with my little Minions! They look so darn cute.

How do you like them? Want to try them too? Send me a picture!

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