Montag, 29. Juni 2015

Birthday Party Balloon Nails

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you had a great weekend! Lets start this day with a fun manicure I created last week for my finceés nephews birthday party. He turned two so I wanted to do something fun. And who doesn't like Balloons?
For this manicure I used a basecoat, one layer of NYX - White and then sponged on a gradient in blue and white using essence - let's get lost (128) and Mountain Calling - 01 TODAY IS FUNDAY (LE) and give me nude, baby! (152) as well as NXY - White.
I then added a layer of essence - bejeweled (12) a holo jewel glitter polish with a soft bluish purple shimmer and a few translucent iridescent hexes in different sizes in it. I then sealed it in with Seche Vite to protect it and to give the manicure dome depth wich makes the balloons look like they are floating in the sky.

To make the balloons I used a dottingtool and added an oval dot of each colour to my nail with a little triangle at the bottom. Using black bolish and a fine nail art brush I encircled the balloons to make them stand out better, added a little line inside and a string. On my thumb I additionally added white underneath the colour so the yellow gets good coverage. It was also easier to choose the position of the small balloons without having to think about the colours.
And here is everything you need for this manicure. A make-up sponge, a dottong tool, a nail art brush, a cleanup brush and an orange stick. Black and white polish, blue polish and a shimmery glitter topper and an assortment of your favourite colours for the balloons as well as base and topcoat.
The colours I used for my design are Wet 'n Wild - Sunny Side Up, esence - juicy love (187), let's get lost (128), free hugs and beijos de brazil (170).
The last step was to seal it in with Seche Vite again to protect my carefully painted design.
I really love, that this manicure turned out exactly the way I planned it. The balloons look like they are floating in the sky and the gradient gives you the feeling of soft white clourd and a blue sky above. The pearly glitter totally fits and brings everything together.
Without the balloons on top the shimmering gradient would also make a wonderful winter manicure. it reminds me a bit of falling snow. You could paint or stamp some snowflakes on et voilà you have a gorgeous snow themed manicure.

I hope you like this cute design. The birthday boy did and so did his sister. They wanted to touch them all the time and asked: Why are there balloons on your nails? :-D I said: What is a party without balloons?

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