Sonntag, 26. April 2015

Misslyn - Oriental Emerald

Hello Lovelies!

How is your weekend going? Are you enjoying the weather? Today I want to show you something sparkly! This is Misslyn - oriental emerald from their velvet diamonds line. I have been wanting to buy this polish for a while now, but for some reason didn't before. I finally got it and I can tell you I do not regret it! (See the whole haul here.)
Oriental emerald is a sheer turquoise jelly polish packed with lots of different iridescent glitter. Mainly there are small and mini hexes, but there also are some square glitter pieces in, wich make this polish really special. Since it is so sheer and I am not a fan of VNL, I decided to layer it over another polish. I used two coats of ANNY - surf the wave and only one coat of the oriental emerald. 

I really love the formula of this polish. With all the glitter in it I expected it to be a bit clumpy, but it went on smooth and even. As you can see in these pictures, if you look closely, It dries to a gritty finish.

But with a good layer of topcoat, it smoothes out and shines even more. I love how it sparkles in sunlight. The bigger square junks reflect the light really well.

To make you see best, I took some blurry shots in sunlight.
To try something else I decided to put on essie - mezmerised on my thumb to see how oriental emerald looks over a darker blue polish. And I think it looks amazing! Even better than on the light blue polish. It reminds me of a summer night sky. I also only used one coat of glitter here. I tried it out with a second layer later on, but that was too much bling and I did not like it anymore.

Sorry for the shadow in this picture. Did not see it, when I took the pics.
Can you tell that I am in love with this polish? Isn't it amazing?

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