Freitag, 27. März 2015

Catrice - LE Holomania - C01 Holo Manolo

Hello Beauties!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is my Birthday and I am currently in Prague with my finacée. As I am planning this post ahead a few days, I can only imagine, that we are having a wonderful time there, but I sure hope so! :-D
Today I want to show you two lovely polishes. Let's start with the base colour.

This is the gorgeous catrice - Holo Manolo from their Holomania Limited Edition. Holo Manolo is a holographic silver creme polish. Application was very easy, because the formula is excellent and so is the flat brush with the rounded tip. With two coats this polish is fully opaque.

This polish is such a beauty! Unfortunately the sun wasn't out the day I took the pictures so the holo shimmer is not that well visible in these pictures. In nature it is so much prettier.

under LED light
I have read somewhere, that holo polishes may show all their gorgeousness under water so guess what I did... I held my hand under water and took a few pictures. Well, I can't say, that there is much of that shimmer visible, but I still like the pics. All these bubbles look really cool. :-)

And as you know, i sometimes go a little overboard with my pictures and can not decide wich ones to keep afterwards, but since it is my Birthday, I thought why not keep them all for a change?

I decided to add a layer of p2 - think big! to my nails for a bit more colour. I love this sparkly combination. The blue glitter really compliments the holo polish.

How do you like this combination? Isn't it lovely and perfect for the season?

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