Samstag, 17. Januar 2015

Maybelline - Ocean Blue & p2 Lost In Glitter - think big!

Hello everybody!

Today I have the beautiful Maybelline Color Show - Ocean Blue (661) with an accent nail of p2 Lost In Glitter - think big! (100) to show to you! 
I bought these two polishes in my recent Christmas Shopping Haul. I applied three layers of Ocean Blue to my nails to get good coverage. In some lighting there still was a bit VNL, but it was okay. Ocean Blue is a sheer creme polish with a beautiful silver shimmer to it, that reminds you of sun reflecting on clear water. Application of this polish was easy with hardly any cleanup to do. The formula was thin (because it is quite sheer) but not runny. 
I decided to add a coat of p2 - think big! to my ringfinger to add a little sparkle. think big! has a great glitter density. In the bottle it looks almost only blue with a bit of purple, but on my finger I felt like the purple was the domonant colour. Maybe that was because the blue base colour swallowed some of the blue glitter. I don't know. 

I like Ocean Blue a lot, but I think it doesn't fit my skintone. Maybe this will change with a little tan in the summer. I'll try this again! And I loved think big! in the bottle but it was not the right combination for this blue glitter. I definetely have to try this on top of another polish.

What do you think of those two? Do you like blue nailpolish?

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